Note: I am not teaching this class in Spring 2020.
Check out STS 4040 and STS 2240 instead.

STS 3561 - Computing Cultures (Spring 2019)

Late policy

Paper assignments (aka 'essays') may be handed in up to 7 days after the assignment is due, while incurring a late penalty. The late penalty is the point equivalent of 1/2 letter grade per 24 hours late, starting immediately after the assignment is due (i.e. an assignment which is one hour late will incur a full 1/2-letter-grade penalty).

One of the first three essays (essays 1-3) may be handed in up to 7 days late without penalty during the semester ("free late assignment"). It is strongly suggested that you save this for an emergency since we will not grant extensions otherwise. You must specify your submission as your "free late assignment" at the time of submission to get this credit. The "free late assignment" option does not apply to essay 4.

Please note that late assignments may be delayed in grading, as they fall outside our regular course rhythm. A late Essay 4 may result in a temporary grade of incomplete for the course.

Deadline extensions can only be granted by the professor and are only granted under truly exceptional circumstances. If you are running into problems, please let us know as early as possible before the deadline.

Regrade policy

We aim to grade fairly and clearly. In support of this goal, you may request a regrade or grade explanation for any assignment in person by attending the office hours of the TAs, Ellen M. Abrams and Tien-Dung Ha. If you cannot make the office hours, please contact the TA by email to make an appointment for a regrade request.

Classroom etiquette

We will discuss a range of important and sometimes sensitive issues in class. You are allowed (indeed, encouraged) to think out loud, say something and then take it back, and generally speak in a provisional manner, knowing that those around you will be patient, supportive, and slow to take offense. We will be gentle and respectful of each other, and not expect that everything sound perfect the first time it comes out of our mouths. We are working together to learn more about cultural issues in computing.

Life happens

We recognize that life events occur and we will do our best to ensure that your needs are met at these times. It is imperative that you contact us as soon as absolutely possible when something comes up that will prevent you from coming to class or doing an assignment. Doing so will allow us to come up with an appropriate plan to help ensure that, if at all possible, you are able to complete this course in good standing.