Fall 2016

STS 2761 - Governing Everyday Life

Late policy

Late policy: The submission of your final portfolio carries a late penalty of 1 full letter grade (10 points out of 100) per 24 hours late, starting immediately after the portfolio is due (i.e. a portfolio which is one hour late will incur a full 10-point penalty).

Deadline extensions can only be granted by the professor and are only granted under truly exceptional circumstances.

Regrade policy

I do my very best to grade fairly and clearly. In support of this goal, you may request a regrade or grade explanation by attending my office hours. If you cannot make office hours, please contact my via private post on Piazza to make an appointment.

Life happens

I recognize that life events occur and I will do my best to ensure that your needs are met at these times. It is imperative that you contact me as soon as absolutely possible when something comes up that will prevent you from coming to class or doing an assignment. Doing so will allow us to come up with an appropriate plan to help ensure that, if at all possible, you are able to complete this course in good standing.