Fall 2016

STS 2761 - Governing Everyday Life

Our course page on Piazza.com

Your primary source for help and information in this class is our course page on piazza.com, which we all follow. Course announcements are made there. I encourage you to register and get involved early.

Office hours

You are also welcome to talk to me during office hours: please sign up beforehand or drop in if slots are still available.

Private questions

If you have an urgent concern that can only be addressed in private, please come to see me at office hours or after class. To ease communication, please stick to Piazza and Office Hours and only resort to email under exceptional circumstances.

Students with disabilities

If you need accommodations because of a disability, please make sure you identify yourself to me as early in the semester as possible. This will give me time to make arrangements. Please feel free to come to office hours to ensure confidentiality. I will work with Cornell’s Student Disability Services (sds_cu@cornell.edu) to come up with an appropriate plan of action.